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COTA Mall Walking Group

Every Tuesday and Friday

07:45 am - 09:00 am

Centre wide
The Mall Walking program is run by COTA in association with Garden City. Walking is a low cost form of exercise and we encourage walkers to join the program. Plus, as a special member, you can enjoy special coffee discounts at participating retailers.

The COTA (Council on the Aging WA) Mall Walking Group walks inside Garden City between 7:45am and 9am every Tuesday and Friday. The group is led by trained walk leaders and each session includes a warm up, stretching, walk and cool down. Different routes in the shopping centre have been designed to cater for all ability levels, with distances ranging from 250m to 1km.

Suzanne Ralston, Manager of falls prevention programs at COTA said, ‘Walking is important as we get older because it helps improve coordination, balance, strength and allows people to stay mobile and independent. In turn people are then less likely to experience a fall. The centre provides the ideal environment for walking because it is safe, undercover, spacious and has seating for walkers to rest on.’

Transport to Garden City can be individual transport, public transport or by bus. The Booragoon Bus Station is situated right beside Garden City for added convenience. 

To find out more, or to register for the walk, please click here or call COTA (Council on the Aging WA) on (08) 9472 0104.