Wearing too much black

Written by Garden City Personal Stylist, Peta Preston. Click here to download and save to your phone.

Why is it so easy to fall into the black trap?

I've styled hundreds of women & it's so common to fall into the trap of wearing black! It's easy, timeless, always smart - well, most of the time. Black is easy to dress up & monochromatic outfits are usually more flattering than colour combinations. However, it's important to ensure there's a variety in your wardrobe & that you are wearing different hues on occasion.

While black is flattering, it's often too harsh around the face & far too heavy in Spring & Summer. For the coming months, often more colour is a better option but too many contrasting colours can be confusing to the eye.... so what is the best solution?

Try breaking up the monochromatic looks of black, grey and white, and utilise highlight pieces through the centre by way of a shirt or top to uplift the look and break up the outfit. Remember, effective way of adding another element to your outfit is to mix different textures and fabrics to break up the carbon black. Think cotton with silk or leather with velvet. That is a fantastic way of breaking up an 'all black' look if the thought of wearing colour makes you break out in a sweat!

Black was made popular in the 1920s by the fashion designer Coco Chanel when she introduced the little black dress - a fashion statement that was versatile, affordable and accessible to the widest market possible. Since the LBD hit the market, a lot of myths have sprung up in the fashion world about wearing the color black. Two of my favs that I need to BUST right now: "MAKES YOU LOOK THINNER" + "LOOKS GREAT ON EVERYONE"... not at all! It can make you look bigger, since the colour black is so still.

Often clients purchase an oversized tee or relaxed fit pant in black and think that by doing so, they are concealing their less desirable areas, when in actual fact, it can be covering up their waistline and their best features, resulting in a shapeless, aging outfit that has no movement or depth. If you are "muted" in colour, black will add 10 years to your face, guaranteed.

Clear & Muted is a whole new can of worms.

In my Style Consult, we run through colours & whether you are clear or muted. If you are muted, then wearing black close to your face will look harsh & age you. It really is about determining your colours & what makes you look your best.

Don't assume black is best!

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