Food & Drink

Your #GrazeGoals shopping list

We've rounded up the ingredients from the Fresh Food Marketplace to create ultimate #GrazeGoals at your next event.

Let's start with the sweet stuff
Dark chocolate 45g bar, $3.50 from John Walker Chocolatier
Honey comb 170g packet, $6.25 from John Walker Chocolatier
Raw honey, from $4 at Coles
Red seedless grapes from Coles, prices vary
Mixed berries from Coles, prices vary

Head into savoury
Wild Olives 300g pack, $6.95 each from David Jones
Falwusser Crispbread 120g packet, $5.95 each from David Jones
Singletons Black Wax cheddar cheese 160g block, $57.50/kg from Woolworths
Gorgonzola Dolce 190g, $6.70 from Woolworths
Kurra Jong Kitchen Lavosh 100g, $3.70 from Woolworths
Primo Shaved Proscuitto 100g, $7 from Woolworths
Montecatini Truffle Salami 200g, $11.96 from Woolworths

...and your daily bread
Sourdough baguette, $3.70 Artisan Range from Bakers Delight
Olive load, $5 Artisan Range from Bakers Delight

Slice, arrange and serve it all beautifully on a Wheel & Barrow grazing board. VoilĂ !