Food & Drink


The art of pairing food and Gin has been dubbed ‘Ginstronomy’ and is the perfect way to impress party guests or simply enjoy a glass of Gin & Tonic with dinner.
We have done our research, and are sharing our new favourite pairings...

Cucumber sandwiches

Perfect with a bottle of Hendricks, cucumber sandwiches are a delicious pairing, garnish your gin with cucumber for the complete taste experience! You could even try egg, crab or smoked salmon sandwiches.

Fish and Chips

Gin is the perfect contrast to the rich batter of fish and chips. Gin can take a bit of garlic too if you want to serve  aioli on the side.

Strong cheeses

Cheese and Gin night anyone? a Slightly earthy gin like Bathtub or Plymouth gin easily handles a powerful cheese.

Smoked salmon

Cold cured smoked salmon, perhaps with a little spicy kick, is a fabulous combination with your Gin & Tonic. For that little bit of sharpness, use a dash of lemon juice on the fish.

Cured meats

A tapa offering of chorizo or salami served on a platter with good quality olives and crusty bread is a match made in heaven for a Friday night gin.