Four Steps for a Fabulous Fit

Sometimes it feels like there is no such thing as a perfectly fitting Bra, and with so many styles, shapes and sizes on offer it’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. We believe in the confidence in comfort a well fitted bra brings, so we’ve narrowed down four simple steps for the perfect fit.
1. The Bra should fit snug on the loosest hook 
Overtime the bra will stretch, so making sure it's snug on the loosest hook means it will last longer, as you will be able to switch to the other hooks as time goes on and the band stretches.
2. Flat and Horizontal Bra Band
The band at the back should sit horizontally and shouldn’t ride up at the back. If the band rides up or sits to high, check the straps are not too tight. Decrease band size until it sits horizontally around the body, the back should be the same level as the front in the mirror.
3. Two finger Strap Rule 
The straps shouldn’t be so tight that they leave a mark on your shoulders, but they shouldn’t slip down either. You should be able to fit two fingers easily between your shoulder and the straps of your bra.
4. Cosy Cups 
If your bra has underwire, it should sit flat against your ribcage and should not ‘dig in’ to your chest.
  • If you are spilling over or cup underwires cutting in? Increase the cup size. Spilling under? Decrease the back size.
  • If cup underwires are digging in, increase cup size until underwires sit flat against the rib cage.
  • If you are gaping at the front, increase cup size, go down in back size or change styles.
  • If you have wrinkled or gaping cups, go down a cup size until bust sits smoothly within cup.
Follow these simple steps for the best fit you’ve ever had.

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