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Choosing your Spring Scent

Study up on perfume lingo 

It may seem silly but having a little knowledge of perfume jargon will go a long way in helping find your perfect scent. So, here is a basic run down; the top note is the strongest scent you’ll smell when you first spray the perfume and it usually fades in the first fifteen minutes, leading into the middle note. The middle note is the body of the perfume and it will stay strong for a few hours. When this finally fades away you are left with the bottom notes that will last through the rest of your day. So be careful, you may love the top note, but hate the smell of the middle note, so after 15 minutes you'll be left wondering why you don't like the scent anymore.

Choose your category

With thousands of scents on the market its probably best to figure out what fragrance ‘category’ you like the smell of best. Start with the basics: floral, oriental, wood and citrus. Getting familiar with these gives you a good foundation before starting to add notes like fruit, powder and grass.

Leave the counter

The smell at the perfume counter is strong and overwhelming and it’s hard to distinguish one scent from another. Instead spray the scents on the tester sticks and take them outside before you take a proper whiff. This way you can truly gage what the scent will smell like day to day.