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Many people (yup ladies, we’re looking at you) have way too much stuff in their closet – not junk, but clothes, shoes and accessories. In fact, they may have so much that the entire wardrobe is unorganised and the contents are bursting through the closet doors. Do you have this problem? Would you like to see some organisation back into your closet and your life? If so, you’ll be glad to know that it can be done.
Clean The Closet Out 
Assess everything in your wardrobe. Make a ‘charity pile’ of anything you haven’t worn in a year, no longer in style, don’t see yourself wearing in the next 6 months, and anything else that is soiled or damaged beyond repair. If you’re unsure, ask a trusted friend for some advice. This person won’t have the same sentimental attachment that you hold on your wardrobe. They’re likely to be more honest about what you should keep and what to throw out. 
Review Your Storage Space
Now that you have chosen what you want to keep, you need to figure out how to store it. Determine how much space you should have for your clothes, shoes and the accessories. Put them into piles, based on what needs to be hung, folded or even vacuumed packed for next season. You will need to make some space for the extras – hats, underwear, bras, jewellery, etc. Here’s a good rule of thumb for wardrobe organising: 75% of the hanging space goes to half-height items (pants and skirts), and 25% goes for coats and dresses. When folding clothes to go in drawers, you want shelves that are about 45cm deep. 
Split Up The Wardrobe 
Your wardrobe should be split into –three zones:
• A-Grade Zone – Clothing and other items worn on a regular basis. Obviously, anything that you wear regularly, goes to the top of the draw. 
• B-Grade Zone – Things you wear but not all the time. You need them at a moment’s notice but don’t want to store them away completely. 
• C-Grade Zone – These are items you don’t use regularly (ski masks, winter gloves, etc.)
Get The Right Equipment To Store Your Items
Anything that you don’t want to crease should be on hangers. Use drawer dividers to help keep smaller items from getting mixed up. Over the door hooks are perfect for scarves and belts. Place your hats and shoes in clear plastic boxes. If you’ve got plenty of shoes, an over the door shoe rack is perfect for you!
Lighting Is Key
It’s annoying enough to not be able to access an overflowing wardrobe, and having poor lighting makes it worse. Ensure there is enough natural light coming through the windows during the day. If you’re main light is insufficient after sunset, you’ll need to install some closet lighting.
Seasons Change
When a new season is upon you, you’ll need to store the clothes you’re no longer using in the back and bring the clothes you need to the front. If you’re really tight on space, consider vacuum packing everything and storing it under your bed. This saves so much more space than putting it in a box and also prevents dust and little bugs getting into your clothes.
Yes, getting organised may seem like a tedious job. But luckily the job is made easier with Kmart’s range of storage and wardrobe organisation solutions. Happy cleaning!