A pearl unlike any other

Before there is craftsmanship, there is patience.
Kailis pearls are unlike any other on Earth. Born from the rare Australian Pinctada Maxima oyster – the largest of all pearl-producing oysters in the world – our Australian South Sea pearls have the thickest nacre and a lustre, colour and size to rival any other. It is no wonder then that this level of natural beauty does not happen overnight. The Pinctada Maxima produces one cultured pearl every two to three years. Imagine what it takes to find the perfect pair.
After patience, there is selection.
In itself, the Australian South Sea pearl is a rare miracle of nature, making up just 0.1% of global pearl production. However, at Kailis we take this further and select only the top 10% of this limited production to craft our magnificent jewellery. There is no doubt, a Kailis Australian South Sea pearl is one of the rarest and most valuable natural gems in the world.
After selection, we do nothing else.
The beauty of a fine quality pearl is revealed the moment it is removed from the oyster. Because we choose only the best of the best, we do nothing to our pearls. No colour or lustre enhancement, no elevation of features, no treatment of any kind. There is no need. A Kailis Australian South Sea pearl will never fade, lose colour or feel, because it is authentic, untouched, naturally radiant.
Above all, there is heritage.
In investing in a Kailis Australian South Sea pearl, you are investing in the future. Due to gross over-fishing in other areas, Australia is now the only place on Earth where the wild Pinctada Maxima can be used for pearl cultivation. Thanks to strict regulations ensuring sustainable processes, the wild pearl fisheries of Western Australia and the Northern Territory are the first in the world to be certified by The Marine Stewardship Council. Australia’s pearl beds are healthier now than they have been for more than a century and we commit to sustaining this national legacy.

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