Handmade Christmas Inventions

Sleigh your gift game this Christmas and stuff your stockings with with our top 5 picks from the Lush seasonal selections!

Candy Cane Toothpaste Jelly (Limited Edition), $9.95
A little sweet and a little twisted... Sweeten up the season with this toothpaste jelly packed full of menthol crystals to deeply cleanse the teeth and soothe sore gums. Carrageenan extract and agar agar give this natural toothpaste a recognisable texture as you enjoy a refreshing flourish of peppermint oil. Enjoy mistletoe kisses that will linger, thanks to sweet stevia. Click here to shop.

Holly Golightly Amazeball (Limited Edition), $17.50
Whether you Golightly with a delicate sprinkle or you chuck the whole thing in, this Amazeball will scatter spicy, stimulating scents of Brazilian orange and cinnamon leaf oil for a warming bath. Pop the top off this spicy-sweet bombshell and sprinkle the insides into the bath before dropping in the rest and climbing into the shimmery winter-green waters. Click here to shop.

Big Bang Gift Box (Limited Edition), $130
It all starts with a relatively warm bath, this astronomical gift, and bathing that is out of this world. 12 stellar bath bombs await in this cosmic phenomenon to help you blast away the blues at the speed of light. It's not rocket science, your very own nebula awaits, so bathe in a galaxy of fizzing colour, bubbles and twinkling stars. Includes: Fireball, Snow Fairy, The World's Smallest Disco, Intergalactic, Lord of Misrule, Dragons Egg, Magic Wand, Groovy Kind Of Love, Pop Art, Rocket Science, Snowman Dreaming & Brightside bath bombs in a beautiful reusable box. Click here to shop.

Galaxy Lip Scrub (Limited Edition), $11.95
The countdown for cosmic kisses is over! Lush have traversed the universe to discover the secret for the sweetest and softest lips known to human-kind, and potted it up into this little jar of stardust. You’ll love this if you like:a supernova explosion of juicy raspberries and sweet lemon myrtle, the zesty kick of Key Lime Pie lip balm and exploring galaxies far far away. Click here to shop.

Once Upon A Time Naked Body Lotion (Limited Edition), $23.95
Everyone is seeking their own happily ever after. For yours, all you need is this lotion. Stroke this buttery bar over your skin for an apple-solutely divine moment. Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and silky murumuru butter ensure soft skin while grapefruit, Sicilian lemon and lime oils enchant and brighten moods. Your very own fairytale ending is waiting for you. Click here to shop.

The Christmas collection is now in-store at Lush Garden City, find them in the Homewares Mall near Bed Bath N Table.