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Fresh juices, snacks, smoothies and more. It's amazing something so healthy can taste so good! Boost Juice Bars is an international chain of retail outlets that specialize in selling fruit juice. Boost Juice Bars was formed in 2000 with the first store located in Adelaide, South Australia. Interesting facts about Boost Juice: We sell over 1 million juices and smoothies every month. We go through more than 35 tones of mangoes each year. At one stage we ran Adelaide out of bananas! Janine developed most of the recipes herself, with the help of her three children.

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Public holiday trading hours may vary. Please contact store to confirm their trading hours.

Our offers

Barbie & Hot Wheels Kids Cups

Offer valid from 02 January - 29 Jan 2017
Boost collectable Kids Cups are back! This time with everyone’s favourites! Barbie & Hot Wheels! With four collectable cups in the range, you won’t want to miss out!

But that’s not all, each kids cup has a unique code on the bottom of the cup to enter at to see what you’ve won! Everyone’s a winner with Barbie & Hot Wheels kids cups! For a limited time only at Boost Juice!

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