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Meet Me at the Manor

We could all do with a little break from the normality of day-to-day life. We’ve discovered a place where good spirits are always in abundance. A sanctuary to recharge and focus on our wellbeing, where we can indulge our taste for decadence and surround ourselves with anything that sparks pure joy.

We are releasing three indulgent brews for all the Mothers to be treated with. These limited editions are Gingernut Bliss, Happy Days and Moroccan Dreams. On top of these three we are also releasing our Beauty Queen tea, rich with skin-loving ingredients.

We have many a grand gift idea with limited edition sets that ooze dessert teas with fine bone china tea ware in Escape to the Mountains Gift Pack, Afternoon Delight Gift Pack and our Collectable Cup in collaboration with Bonnie & Neil with only a limited number of 500 distributed in T2 stores worldwide! With our gifting range also comes our complimentary gift wrapping and gift cards.

See in store for the full collection.

Posted by Garden City on 18 April 2017 within Food
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