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You know those people you see walking down the street or lying on the beach with those fancy sunnies on. You know the ones I mean; wearing the big name brands like Georgio Armani, Versace and some other Italian name I probably can’t pronounce. They are sleek, classy and come at a cost. But there are reasons for this gents, and they might just surprise you.

Just like your skin, your eyes are prone to some pretty nasty sun damage. These can range from skin cancers to cataracts and macular degeneration; to put it simply, not pretty. And with the UV exposure increasing every year, it’s best that we take extra good care of our organic goggles.
So why shop for the best? Why not buy that el cheapo pair down at the service station? Because they’ll actually do more harm than good. As it turns out, your pupils (the big dark circles that let you see things) dilate in cheap lenses, thus allowing more harmful rays in than if you weren’t wearing any sunnies.  This can cause some serious ouch and a lot of cash to fix later on in life.
And…QUALITY. You wouldn’t buy a car made of cardboard would you? We’ve all heard the saying quality over quantity right. Think back. How many of those cheap pharmacy glasses have you gone through. Yea, that’s right. The ones you sat on in the car, the ones that fell off the top of your head and broke into 5 pieces on the ground. It’s because they just don’t have the same love that goes into the “good” pairs.
So don’t skimp out lads. Protect those shiners with a decent pair of sunnies and play around with the styles. There are plenty to choose from.
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Written by Kelton Critchett, our Men's Fashion Expert.
Posted by Garden City on 27 January 2016 within Fashion
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