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Mens Smart Casual

Your eyes glance at the invite. You’ve known about the party for 4 weeks and didn’t think twice about the dress code but now, there, standing out in big bold letters are the words SMART CASUAL. Probably the most observed oxymoron in the male vocabulary. I’ll simplify it boys; smart casual simply means, don’t come in t-shirt and don’t come in a suit. Easy.
There’s a lot happening with the smart casual look coming into 2016. While also keeping some roots in the boho style of last year. There is an abundance of single colour collars and shirts coming through and it is set to be the year for chinos and khaki shorts. Pairing a reserved brown tone in your accessories with items like these will make the colours pop and your outfit come alive. The thing I love about this is comfort. You’re not sweating your tuff off in a suit, and not so dressed down that you stand out from the crowd as the bum. As Goldilocks would say…you’re just right.
The guys over at Roger David provided me with some insight: “Boho for men is not out, but becoming more reserved, quaint and smart. They are wanting something that says variety; something that I can go to the bar in with the boys and then immediately take the partner out to a fancy dinner.” Keep in mind that there everything is in moderation in the smart casual category. That means don’t over do colours, keep the vibrancy down and throw some neutrals in there.
Now these absolute gems below are fantastic. A must for 2016; browned and tanned smart shoes can be combined with an assortment of smart casual outfits including shorts and chinos. They’ll make you feel like a million bucks whispering sweet nothings to your love on a yacht with a cigar in one hand and 1950 G&M Single Malt Whiskey in the other. Now that’s smart. 

Written by Kelton Critchett, our Mens Fashion expert.

Posted by Garden City on 29 January 2016 within Fashion
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