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The Office Christmas Party

Here at Garden City HQ, we’re really looking forward to our end of year Christmas party! We’re thinking of roast turkey drizzled with cranberry sauce, an endless supply of French champagne, and some funky festive beats! But it can also be high pressure, as it’s a treacherous situation to navigate, with lots of room for error. It’s bad enough to look inappropriate at any other party, an embarrassing but forgettable offense, but making a poor outfit choice where your superiors and colleagues are present can have long-lasting, and often, unforgettable ramifications.  So, our goal is to transform a business appropriate outfit into a work event ensemble that’s comfy, fashionable and chic.

When getting dressed for a corporate cocktail event, remember that this is not an off-duty event, so don’t think that you, or your clothes can let loose. Do dress up though- Christmas is special and calls for an elegant celebration. Read on for our do’s and don’ts when it comes to your work-do outfit:
- Follow the dress code- does the invitation state smart casual, cocktail or black tie? If you’re unsure, check with you colleagues.

- Keep in mind that a certain kind of office dress code still remains.

- Stick to classic pieces you’d wear to the office- blazers, corporate dresses, pencil skirts, interesting blouses- vamped up with slightly more eye-catching accessories. 

- Make sure that your hair looks tidy and go for a classic but natural makeup look.
If it’s an outdoor party, a sleeveless floral dress and ballet flats will suffice. For an outdoor sporting do, go for a polo tee, tailored short, belt and flats.
Keep the look interesting by introducing one statement piece-this can be an on-trend bag or a piece of costume jewellery
- Never wear clothes that are too revealing. Do not wear deep cleavages, sheer blouses and dresses and skirts that are too short or too tight. A bare midriff is a no no.

- Avoid attire that is too casual- sneakers, animal prints and jeans are not appropriate for an elegant office Christmas party. Instead choose darker seasonal colors and dressy fabrics, which make you look more classy and appropriate for the event.

- Steer clear of wearing the same outfit you wore to work, or the same outfit you wore to a club.
Unless you’re the editor of Vogue Magazine attending the annual Vogue Christmas party don’t dress designer top to toe- a Chanel dress coupled with a Chanel bag, Chanel shoes, Chanel earrings etc tells your boss you’re too cool for your job (and that you probably don’t need a pay rise).

We love these work-do appropriate looks from Country Road, available in store at Country Road, David Jones and Myer.

Posted by Garden City on 13 December 2016 within Fashion
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