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Lifestyle shoes, luxury sneakers, branded kicks. There are all sorts of terms to describe our latest fascination with the now trending upmarket styled shoes that have hit shelves and attracted major brands in what was previously a lower form of fashion reverence.
It was not too long ago that sneakers were the iconic pin up shoe for die-hard skateboarders, surfers, hippies and anyone that baby boomers would refer to as a menace against the greater good of the community. And as usual, the times have changed and now those same "menaces" are making some of the biggest contributions to fashion forward thinking in the 21st century.
So where did this attraction to the humble sneaker come into play?

Take Mr. Thompson for example; you're typical average working Joe that would consistently be switching between the formality of his polished Oxfords during office hours to the comfort of his Converse All-Stars for the rest.  Finding the equivalent a decade ago would have resorted to the wearer brandishing a pair of awkwardly shaped tennis shoes painted with all the colours of the rainbow; not your ideal footwear for even the most casual of events.
Thus, a niche was noticed in the market and the gap needed to be filled. What could be ideally worn that covers the sophistication of a refined lace up yet have the comfort and laid back vibe of a casual sneaker. Big name brands have only recently started cashing in on this gap with celebrity endorsed sneakers bringing in some serious money. Kanye West's Yeezy Boost's are good example of Adidas abusing the market with a casual retail price of over $1,400.
With this gap now being filled with multiple brands and hundreds of different styles, it's not difficult to shop around and find a pair that is easily affordable, looks great and has appearances similar to that of the high end sneakers. Being a luxury designers sneaker does mean it would come with a price tag similar to that of your leather encased business shoe; but style has and always will come at a cost.
Besides, you don't want to be the bloke trudging around in Dunlops looking as if you're about to go for a delightful game of bowls with the oldies. Bett's have literally just released a brand new range of these lifestyle designer sneakers which are absolutely unreal for the price they've positioned them at. Go check out their range or better yet, grab yourself a pair.

Written by Kelton, our Men’s Fashion Expert
Posted by Garden City on 18 March 2016 within Fashion
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