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Smith & Co at Myer

Smith and Co, Myer’s newest beauty addition, brings a special range of sensual aromatic products that will captivate you. Their handcrafted candles, elixirs and skin care products will infuse a sense of sensuality not only in your household but in yourself too. Produced by the Aromatherapy Company with its organic and natural manufacturing practices, Smith and Co is celebrated as one of the leading aromatherapy brands, taking matters of quality and care very seriously.

The innovative new range offers products with two targeted benefits- ‘Restore’ and ‘Unwind’. Each product is carefully created and blended with special oils that will provide for ultimate relaxation. Best of all, they smell heavenly adding to that extra sensual touch!

Restore is the chief tonic for enhancing your spirits. Mandarin is very invigorating and coupled with lime leaf, it opens up your senses and clears your mind. It’s also infused with vanilla extracts which help you to be more aware and attentive to your surroundings. Its herbal aromatic base blend with citrus top notes soothes and awaken the senses.

The Unwind elixir is supreme in calming the senses and provides a sense of purification. With the refreshing and calming properties of the lemon peel, and lavender with its sensual soothing, the unwind elixir will bring you to a complete sense of relaxation. The floral extracts coupled with the green based aroma is an irresistible blend.

These sensual experiences don’t end here. Smith & Co offer an array of handmade candles with enticing scents of Pineapple, Coconut, Cucumber, Mint and Sage which will infuse a sense of soothe and sensuality in the atmosphere. They come in trendy breakers and enamel bowls which also makes great homewares.
Awaken your senses with body scrubs, body lotions, blended oils, bath salts and candles from Smith & Co, available at Myer Garden City.

Written by Sussan, our style expert.

Posted by Garden City on 03 June 2016 within Fashion
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