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Sleeping in Comfort

It's furry, it's fuzzy, it's pink and it's probably the most comfortable stuff you will ever wear in your existence.
It can be a little intimidating for a man stepping into Peter Alexander’s store with your initial gaze being drawn to the abundance of pink covering every inch of the surroundings and multitude of women pulling garments off the stand left, right and centre. Well, you shouldn't be.
Peter Alexander is a local Australian designer who brought the branded PJ's from a small run business in his mother's house to the booming international name that it is today. And there is good reason for it. The PJ's have formed such a name for themself through original designs and just the absolute sheer comfort in the material used.
If there was a simplified description for heaven when it came to sleeping then the name Peter would most definitely be in there. Peter has driven the quality of his self branded PJ's to the point where regular clothing just doesn't cut it in the material department, and why? Because sleep is best enjoyed comfortably.
His latest releases in Men's PJ's for their winter 2016 range have come out and we are absolutely in love with the designs. The well structured Burberry influenced patterns create an exclusive feel on the sleepwear label with zero loss in material quality.
Variety has not vanished either with articles coming in both long length pants, 3/4 pants and shorts to accommodate those mild autumn nights to the cold winter ones spent in front of the TV. And there will be plenty of those nights this year.
So go check out the range at Peter Alexander in Garden City. We all deserve the most comfortable sleep at the end of the day.  

Posted by Garden City on 24 March 2016 within Fashion
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