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Seafaring Sandal

As it gets colder here, our eyes yearn for a far away place with sun, beaches and beers. Whether it is a two-week getaway from work or an extended overseas move, there is always a part of us that just wants to get on that plane and go. But with a wild adventure comes solid preparation. Ensuring you have the correct gear will make that trip all the more joyous. 
If you're not doing mountain climbing or any other exerting activity then it’s worth investing in some quality sandals to get you by on the day-to-day tourist treks. The main factor you’ll need to consider when purchasing a quality set is what you’ll be getting up to when wearing the sandal. The decision can be difficult when considering the massive range available for adventure specific retailers such as Mountain Designs. 
One specific brand that shouldn’t go unnoticed is the Birkenstock. Birkenstock have no shortage on quality and experience with just under 250 years of knowledge in the market. 
Whether leather or animal free, Birkenstock use only the highest quality material. The put some serious thought into the contoured raised patterns on the foot bed, which allows the foot to stretch and flex naturally. This natural free foot movement is perfect for those long days snapping pictures on a trip.  
The material is extremely durable with the leather being scuff proof and easily cleaned. Providing a clear combination of comfort and style, you’ll want a pair of these for your next trip. 
Go check out the pair that fits you perfectly at B-store in Garden City. 

Written by Kelton, our Men’s Fashion Expert.
Posted by Garden City on 16 April 2016 within Fashion
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