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Sabo’s Silver Shines

It’s rare to find quality jewellery for men. Besides the standard ten-dollar surf ware bracelets and necklaces that have an inevitable two-week used by date, most ranges can seem like they are catered to the female agenda. There are some, however, that create accessory pieces that not only compliment most apparels but are thinking outside the generalised jewellery box.
Thomas Sabo is certainly one of these fashion forward thinking players.
His latest range, “Rebel at Heart”, speaks exactly that; an uprise for masculine materials and design that implore for revolution. Creating pieces that remove the boyish charms seen in cheap knockoffs, and envelope original concepts along with quality.
It lies within the seamless detail and use of contrasting in the creative process, providing each clientele with a sense and feel of home crafted jewellery reserved for a warrior king. The attention to each fine feature can be noticed undoubtedly whether it is in the chained pendants, leather bracelets or rings.
The quality in the materials also serves as a platform for Thomas Sabo’s dedication to jewellery perfection with one of the staff explaining that the leather used in the bracelets can be recognised in that of luxury vehicles such as Lamborghini. Similar can be said for the sterling silver used on the line with only the best being sourced from around the globe to provide an age adaptable quality and reverence. 

Thomas Sabo has clearly excelled itself into the international fashion industry by providing some of the best pieces that will suit you for all occasions. We absolutely recommend taking a look at their latest range in store at Garden City. 

 Written by Kelton, our Men’s Fashion Expert.

Posted by Garden City on 08 April 2016 within Fashion
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