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Pyjamas for mum this Mother’s Day

 Mother’s Day is just around the corner and Sussan has just the perfect gift for her- comfortable and stylish sleepwear. Be it a new pyjama top or pant, or the entire set, or a nightie, Sussan has over 50 different styles, prints, and fabrics to suit every budget. Now purchasing sleepwear can be a very personal thing; the style or fabric you choose is a personal preference that may be dictated by your tastes, sleeping environment, lifestyle and weather. You want to get mum a pair that suits her needs, but you kind of don’t want to give it away by asking “Mum what style of PJs do you like best!?” So, to help you find the perfect pair of PJs for mum, we’ve put together this 4 step guide. Happy pyjama shopping!

After all these year, we’re certain you know what style of pyjama mum wears. If you don’t (it’s a bit of a worry if you don’t) raid mum’s wardrobe. Does she wear one pieces or sets? Do they have short sleeves, long sleeves or no sleeve at all? Are the fabrics predominantly silk, cotton or flannel? And most importantly, what size does she wear? If you find it creepy going through mum’s wardrobe simply ask Dad or monitor the washing line for a week.
The fit on the pyjama is very important for a good night’s sleep. Because mum is not here to try them on, go with an approximate size. When in doubt, buy a larger size- pyjamas are designed for comfort wear so it is perfectly acceptable to be a bit loose. You can always tailor them down a size but not up.
Select a fabric based on comfort. Popular ones include silk, cotton and flannel:

Silk is great because it keeps you warm during the winter months and cool during the summer. The downfall is that genuine silk is expensive and must be dry cleaned because of its inability to get wet.  Try synthetic silk- it’s machine-washable and more affordable.
Cotton pyjamas are very popular because of their comfortable, lightweight, breathable fabric, allowing for good air circulation around the body. However, cotton is not a good insulator of heat so mum may need to rug up with some extra layers of blanket.
Flannel pyjamas are known for their warmth and comfort, perfect for very cool temperatures. Avoided flannel in summer as it may retain too much heat. Flannel is soft and breathable, allowing the wearer to acclimatize to their environment without sweating profusely.
A good night’s rest is very important and sets you up for the day, so don’t compromise on comfort for price. Elastic bands should not be too tight that it leaves marks on the body and reduces circulation. Excessive buttons and snaps or decorative detail such as tassels can cause discomfort.

Unless mum is a serial bedtime selfie taker, no one is going to know (or going to care) how lovely she looks in her PJs. What people will notice is that if she turns up to work the next day looking like a zombie because the fashionable PJs you got her were so uncomfortable, that she tossed and turned in bed all night before getting 2 hours of sleep. So, comfort takes precedence over style always! Now if you’re faced with 5 different colours or prints for a comfortable style that you’ve settled on, then you can consider fashion! If she’s a classic kind of mum, choose simple colours such as greys, whites and beige. If she’s a fun loving choose some bright pops and funky prints.

So now that you’re a pyjama expert, head into Sussan and spoil mum on Mother’s Day with a new pair of PJs. Sussan also stocks dressing gowns, bed socks and slippers to keep mum warm during the winter.

Written by Sussan Nguyen, our Women's Fashion & Beauty Expert.

Posted by Garden City on 24 April 2016 within Fashion
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