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Party Style Tips

Style queen and blogger Miss Gunner is an expert on all elements of the perfect night out. Here, her top 10 tips on being RSVP-ready.

1. Plan Your Wardrobe:

This is probably the most important and the most fun step for me! I LOVE getting dressed up, and finding the perfect outfit for an event is part of the fun. Start looking for ‘the outfit’ as soon as the invitation arrives. Whilst you could look through your existing wardrobe… I’m all about searching for something new! Always give yourself plenty of time to find the right outfit.

2. Make Sure You Dress Appropriately For the Event:

I can’t stress enough how important this is. You could have the most beautiful gown that you’ve always wanted to rock out but if you are just going to a cocktail party then it’s probably not a good idea to wear something that could double as a new-age wedding dress. You will end up feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious, so save the really standout looks for the big events.

3. Rock Your Size:

You can look good at any size! You can have the most beautiful dress, but if it’s too small or too big then you won’t be showing off your best self. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone fidget because their skirt is too short or tight. You want to be comfortable, and the way to truly do this is by wearing something that complements your features. I constantly tell anyone who asks for tips about blogging that there’s only one of you. It sounds so cliché and obvious, but it’s true!

4. Go For Overdressed Rather than Underdressed:

Respect your host by putting in just as much effort as they have. If you don’t have anything too dressy, that’s ok too – just ‘dress-up’ a basic outfit using accessories.

5. Prep Your Skin

Like most people, I’m usually in a rush just before any event at this time of year so on my nights off I take the time to give myself a mini facial. Depending on how your skin reacts to exfoliation and creams, apply your masks 24-48 hours before your night out to give your skin time to recover in case there are any little reactions.

6. Decide On Your Hair and Makeup:

I love doing my own hair. More often than not, I curl my hair before I go out. I curl my hair first thing and then I’ll wear my hair in a bun while I do my makeup. Not only does this keep my hair out of my face, but it holds the curls. So just before I walk out the door I release the bun, this keeps my hair super fresh and creates a lasting impression at any RSVP event. When it comes to makeup, the clearer your skin, the less you’ll need to apply. This will keep your face light and comfortable, which is so important at this time of year when an Australian summer serves up a warm, still night.

7. Consider Contrasting Elements:

I’m always mixing high street and high-end fashion. Why? Well just like when you add contrast to a photo, adding contrast to an outfit will catch everyone’s eyes and make you stand out. Accessories are my go-to pieces to create interest. Shoes, handbags, belts, rings, clutches – find your showpiece accessory that will bring immediate interest to what you’re wearing. Consider a pair of classic denim jeans a linen shirt – an easy, simple, relaxed outfit is elevated when elements are added such as the unexpected touch of a neck scarf, layers of metallic jewellery, or a standout shoulder bag.

8. Don’t Forget The Importance Of How You Will Feel:

These two go hand in hand – if you look great, you really will feel great. The most important thing is that you’re feeling like yourself and that you allow your outfit to complement your personality.

9. Don’t Bend the Trend:

Every now and then it’s good to take risks, but on a big night you don’t want to experiment with something new and then leave the house feeling a little unsure about how you look. So my advice for being RSVP-ready is to dress up a signature look of yours that can offer some familiarity with accents of newness that make you feel sexy – think a pair of new shoes or standout earrings.

10. Have Fun and Smile!

After all, it’s your smile and lightness that will attract everyone on a big night, and that only comes from feeling at home in what you’re wearing. The bottom line is that it’s your personality that will shine, so use your outfit as a platform to lift and present your beautiful self to all of your friends. Enjoy!

Written by Miss Gunner for Forever New.


Posted by Garden City on 09 January 2017 within Fashion
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