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Have you ever noticed that there is something about cold weather that brings out people’s boring side?

Even when you’re walking down the world’s most fashionable streets- 5th Avenue, New York, or Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris- come winter’s chilly winds and all you’ll see is a sea of black coats, black jackets, and black cardigans. It’s dull to look at and it’s dull to wear. The aim this winter is to create an ensemble that uses a mix of multi-colour layers and textures for a warm yet stylish look. This can be achieved with the perfect jacket that does not need to be black!  So today, we’re visiting Metalicus to add the final layer that offers warmth and flair to your winter outfit.
There are 3 essential jackets that you must have in your wardrobe: the tailored jacket, the short jacket and the fitted jacket.

The concept: Slick and strong, brazen edginess, razor sharp pieces with attitude.

The benchmark: The tailored jacket by Saint Laurent.

Aim for:
1) A slim fit that follows the natural line of your body without being too restrictive
2) A slightly defined waist to flatter the female form
3) A single button at the front which is flattering and practical
We love: Rue Long Sleeve Jacket in Fern ($79.00)

The concept: Upmarket sophistication, modern finishes, fresh colours, rough-hewn edges.
The benchmark: The tweed jacket by Chanel
Aim for:
1) Collarless or small collar
2) A well-constructed slim sleeve that keeps its shape
3) A slightly roomy torso that falls in line with the inner shoulder, allowing for freedom of movement and creative the illusion of a smaller bottom half
We love: Leon Long Sleeve Jacket in Luxury Blue Mix ($159.95)

The concept: Striking femininity, ‘new chic’, precise cuts, luxe fabrics
The benchmark: The fitted jacket by Giorgio Armani
Aim for:
1) An elegant shape that enhances your silhouette with darts at the waist and strong shoulders
2) A rich, light weight fabric such as satin, taffeta, silk or velvet
3) Flawless, refined stitching and seams
We love: Anna Long Sleeve Jacket in White ($129.95)

Metalicus’ new AW16 range of jackets and outerwear are the perfection addition to your winter wardrobe. The new season introduces layers of luxurious fabrics and modern silhouettes in geometric prints, textured jacquards, and understated neutrals. Pop in store to shop a collection of relaxed and structured jackets that will elevate your winter essentials during the day and night. And remember, winter styling doesn’t need to be dull and boring!
Photography by Sarah Hua
Posted by Garden City on 24 March 2016 within Fashion
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