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Embrace the new season with the tee-shirt, a mix of low-key cool and classic. History tell us that the tee-shirt started life as a working class undergarment and found its way into fashion consciousness when 1950s cinematic bad boys began to wear them as part of their rebellious signature. American college kids and socialites soon followed and another classic was born. In 1986 designer Helmut Lang added a luxe touch to the tee-shirt sending models down the runway in soft tees, precise cuts and minimalistic lines. Today, the tee-shirt is a wardrobe staple and an essential piece to achieving a refined and minimalistic look. Read on for our top tips to choosing the perfect tee:

GO FOR: A soft cotton that falls in a flattering shape and skims rather than clings A relaxed fit. Tee-shirts ooze relaxed charm when oversized At least three tees in block colours and one of those must be white, ivory or sand. Retro tees that look pre-loved. And remember, the band, movie or slogan you choose will be seen as reflection of your taste and age A loose bias cut for shape that hugs and hides

NO GO ZONE: Clinging, gaping, stretching or straining across the bust Rips, tears and other mangy looking holes Wearing your tee-shirt as a dress Tee-shirts that are 5 sizes larger than the size you take- oversized tees look great when worn correctly with a skinny leg jean but make sure you don’t end up ‘lost’ in the outfit The tee-shirt is the epitome of simple fashion pleasure. Get these simple and chic tee-shirt looks from Just Jeans.

Posted by Garden City on 25 August 2016 within Fashion
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