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Know Your Pants

There is an abundance of choice out there when it comes to pant styles with brands differentiating themselves through colour, materials, textures, cuts and patterns. The variety on shelves is quite extensive, so what essential pants should you be looking for when updating your wardrobe this winter season.

The Desert Chino
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The desert chino is a perfect all rounder for semi-formal, business and casual occasions. They have been a staple in every man’s wardrobe since the early 20th century and while they commonly come in synthetic cotton materials in modern pants, the term was originally derived from the Chinese fabrics used.
Chino’s sit in that wonderful middle ground between khaki and dress pants. Khaki’s are way too casual and should be reserved for nights alone in the house. Chino’s are that perfect step in dressiness. They provided a more fitted look to the leg and taper nicely to give a slimmer shape.
Dress down the desert chinos with a casual monochrome shirt and white sneakers. Dress them up with a pair of masculine tanned boots, belt and semi patterned collar.
The Styled Jean
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There are jeans and then there is Jeans. Gone are the days of introverted standard blends with straight edge cuts. The denims you want in your closest are flamboyantly styled and strategically designed to stand out from the crowd. An essential for winter.
As a rule of thumb, stick with the slim or straight cuts to give your legs the edge look needed. Go crazy with the rest; tapering, elastic edges, intentional cuts, styled threading, gradient dyes etc. The idea is to be eye-catching and turn the denim itself into the primary focus of the ensemble.
You’ll only be dressing it down with this style of pants so rock a good pair of sneakers and a long tailed slim fit tee.
The Comfy Casuals
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These come in a range of styles, materials and looks. They are generally made from cotton and brandishing modern pop reference names like drake cuts, urban joggers and the brodie drop etc. The comfy casuals sit just above tracky dacks and reflect the urban, city dweller style.
Keep it simple with the comfy casuals. They are to be enjoyed for extremely casual events with family and friends. Don’t expect to wear these on a night out. Style with a pair of workers boots, lifestyle sneakers or simple thongs and throw a mix it up with a cut low tail tee.
Tracky Dacks
Buy at Cotton On, Kmart
For those cold nights lying on the couch with a beer and pizza. Treat yourself. Just don’t leave the house.
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Written by Kelton Critchett, our style expert.

Posted by Garden City on 18 May 2016 within Fashion
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