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Knitwear, Beanies & Winter

We might not get as cold as some of our distant European locales but we certainly feel the bite when the mercury drops below the 15 degree mark here in Perth. Shake the moths off the doona, boil a warm cup of tea, and relax to a movie while hearing the rainfall outside; the perfect ingredients on a cold brisk night.

Besides the optional snuggle, you can invest in some truly winter friendly menswear set to make even the Mrs. jealous. AW16 releases from Cotton On have produced some stylish knitwear jumpers that are easy on the skin, light, breathable and can be paired easily with most styled pants. The jumpers come in a range of colours, patterns and styles with our favourites being the more “home made” feel style.
After sorting yourself out with warm jumper then get even comfier with a pair of cotton elastic tapered pants. That fantastic thing about these wonderfully snug pants is they can be used for that cold winter night indoors under the blankets but then can also be styled with a good pair of kicks and most branded tee’s; ready for the night out. Cosy, versatile and again, come in a large range of colours; our favourite definitely being the matte light grey.
Last but not least, beanies. These baggie bundles of warmth add that extra kick to a casual winter look. The in trend is to let a small tuft of hair hang out the front while bundling the rest of the beanie to a nice fold on the back. Make sure to pick the right style and colour of beanie to suit the rest of the ensemble as they are still considered and accessory.
So make sure you beat the cold this winter the right way. Remembering that comfort and style can always neatly go together. For all the above and more, go check out the latest AW16 releases from Cotton On.

Written by Kelton, our Men’s Fashion Expert.

Posted by Garden City on 01 April 2016 within Fashion
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