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How to Style Yourself

Styling yourself can be quite an undertaking, but we, as men, tend to put more thought into action when it comes to it. Even something simple as a casual street get up can prove a relentless foe to the socially unobservant mind. Give a man a style, and he looks good for a day, but teach a man to style for himself, and he’ll look good for a lifetime. So here is our top fashion styling tips to get you up to par.

1. Out With The Old, In With The New
What would you think if we went through your wardrobe? If you felt your heart drop then that's saying something. Either it’s a post-apocalyptic landscape with an unholy stockpile of garments dating back to your “glory” days or it has as much variety as a KFC two piece feed. What needs to be done is a revamp. Time to get rid of the unwanted clutter and prepare for an update. 

2. Buy The Basics
So you don’t need to go overboard, but you do need to repurpose your now empty wardrobe. You want to be picking up the essentials. Monochromatic tee’s (blacks, whites, greys), a fitted straight jean, a desert chino, khakis, black smart pants and some plain collars. Throw in some simple accessories as well; basic coloured ties, sunnies, and belts. Try to vary the styles you pick up for the accessories as these can easily be styled with a multitude of outfits. It’s not essential, but always handy to have a perfectly fitted jogger on hand as well.
3. Follow Suit
If you like the styling of a certain celebrity, actor or musicians then keep up with them on social media. It’s an A-listers job to maintain and establish modern and evolving trends, and by increasing your awareness for a specific style that suits you will give you that added edge when updating your wardrobe on the fly.
4. Keep Yourself Updated
Read magazines, articles, look-books and blogs. There is an abundance of information available to keep yourself updated on diversifying trends and also on adding to what you already have. You will sub-consciously get to the point where you will start styling yourself according to your own personality and traits while still being flexible with modern styles.
5. Ask for Help
Don’t hesitate to ask for help in stores. Staff have years of experience in assisting customers with styling and will also be able to provide a person to person perspective on what would suit you best.
To get some assistance or advice with your styling needs, be sure to head into Roger David. The staff will go above and beyond with styling tips, information and updating your wardrobe the right way.

Written by Kelton, our style expert.

Posted by Garden City on 03 June 2016 within Fashion
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