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Introducing Runwest, Garden City’s newest retailer addition, stocking everything a passionate runner would need to up his or her running game. It’s a runner’s dreamland with loads of run gear including run tights, light-weight and dry-fit tops, water bottles, hats, socks and most importantly, running shoes. But Runwest doesn’t stock your average standard running shoe. They are one of only a few stockists of Hoka One One, dubbed by running champions, sports scientists and critics as the world’s most advanced running shoe. It’s a shoe that’s ‘changing minds, storming podiums and revolutionizing running globally’.

Store manager Murray, a passionate advocate of Hoka One One tells us why every serious runner needs a pair right now. “The Hoka One One pioneered a new philosophy in running. It’s got 40% to 80% more cushioning than your average running shoe which reduces impact and residual soreness, assists with hip alignment, and promotes an efficient stride by delivering exceptional rebound, meaning reduced fatigue and longer runs.” Simply put, it’s a must have running shoe for those seeking ultimate comfort and improved results on the track.

Runwest’s Hoka One One are running out the door. So run in store to see Murray and his team to discover the ‘it’ running shoe of the decade. The more you run in Hoka One One, the better you’ll feel. And the better you feel, the more you’ll run!
Posted by Garden City on 20 October 2016 within Fashion
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