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Footy's Back

Blood, sweat and tears. Ingredients to any successful season wouldn't you say. And 2016 is revving up to be one hell of a footy season. Besides natural selection having taken its course in the lead up to the AFL preseason (looking at you Essendon), teams have been punching in some serious numbers to get themselves match ready for the start of the season on March 24th with a first game clash between Richmond and Carlton.
Just as our favourite teams are preparing for battle in front of the masses, we have our own preparations to make in order to play our best for the local club. The sprints, the weights, the training sessions all contribute to fitness and skill which can lead your team to either a glorious win or an abysmal loss. You'll only play as hard as the work you put in at the end of the day.
And with all that hard work you'd be hard done by to find anything better than a well deserved beer after a solid session on the footy ground, working with your team mates to bring home the win. Footy runs in our blood as much as prawns on Chrissie and singlet sun burns.
So you've got the hard work sorted. You're fighting fit and ready to split opponents. What's next?
A player is only as good as the gear he wears.
There are multiple physical features that make up the human foot and also make ours individual to us. Curves, flats, toes, width, length, strength; these are all attributes that need to be matched to a boot that will allow you to play at a peak performance without the nuisance of pain and aching. On average, a footy player will run between 15 - 20km per game. That is just shy of half a marathon. Running that distance in boots that don't match can do some serious damage and cause major discomfort. So size your boots up properly.
Don't skimp out and go cheap. You're chasing after quality not quantity at the end of the day. Boots need to last. Do some research. Brands that clearly skip out on the materials and glues will inevitably fall apart sooner than others. Leathers are always good because the material lasts quite an extensive time, but flexy plastics used by Nike and Adidas have just as much durability now as well.
Ultimately, we want you playing at your best, and getting the right boots to suit you will both be beneficial to your performance and also for the team as a whole. Sizing yourself up at Athletes Foot professionally will allow you to pick boots that will fit your individual foot. Good luck with Season 2016. And go the Dockers!

Written by Kelton, our Men’s Fashion Expert.

Posted by Garden City on 16 March 2016 within Fashion
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