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Denim Heaven

Temperatures in Perth?! Casually sitting at 24°C on one day and then immediately jumping to 42°C the next. The climate is so inconsistent here, we have days that are spent at the beach in the morning and then manic rainfall and storms in the afternoon.

That being said, we all know how quickly the temperature drops as soon as we start heading into the Autumn months, and how the pricing of winter apparel steadily crawls in the opposite direction on the financial ladder. So now is the perfect time to update those worn in, torn up denims that you've currently got in hiding in some abyss in your household.   

Perfect for most events and also the occasional extended night out, denims have been a fashion trend that has survived the ages. Cuts and colours might change, but the denim is here to stay. Tight thigh skinnies with a washed out blue haze is the style of choice among the young with a straight leg darker denim look favoured by the old. If you really want to go outside the box, then there are a range of colours from light browns to rose reds. 

Comfort is a major thing to consider when investing in a new pair of denims as you'll find, especially coming into the Autumn and Winter months, that they will be the choice of wear for most occasions. Don't go too tight as you want your legs to still have mobility and too loose will be a nightmare for a belt to hold up and still look good.

Cheaper pairs don't have the same quality of material and haven't gone through the same process to have that smooth finish that the pricier denims have. They also don't breathe as well, meaning you'll be sweating your top off on those exceptionally hot Autumn days.

Just Jeans are packing a variety of shapes and sizes, cuts and colours to exactly match your denim wants and needs. Pairing the jeans off with a casual tee will complete an outfit for any occasion. And the real cherry on top is the pre-autumn sales which are in store now. Get updating gents.

Written by Kelton Critchett, our Men's Fashion Expert.  
Posted by Garden City on 25 February 2016 within Fashion
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