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Checkers, Check.

Modern opinion would categorise the checkered shirt into one of two categories, for those who have amassed enough years to permit a senior citizens discount card or for the flamboyant, beard wielding hipster.
However, the checkered shirt has long outlasted the generically rotating trends on the international fashion platform. To disregard this essential item would be doing an injustice to the revived and adaptable apparel. From the ever-enduring flannelette jackets to the more formal button up collars, we’re seeing a growing demand of the simple yet stylish checkered clothing.
The aesthetically pleasing design of the shirts can boast a broad colour palette that would be better paired with a neutral undertone in the rest of the ensemble. After all, you don’t want to detract the attention away from the vibrancy of the shirt itself.  The checkered pattern serves a visual significance when neatly dressed with a pair of short chino’s and loafers, obviously remaining aware of the colour combinations.
The reason why these styles have always been successful in their own right is due to the experimentation of different assortments. Thinking bilaterally with what suits with the shirts will give leverage to multiple styles, for example, leaving the buttons undone with a white plain tee underneath will add a more casual vibe to the outfit as a whole while combining that with a either a stylised short or tapered tanned pants will again change the impression.
Material is also a major quality to look for when purchasing a checkered collar. There are certainly budget versions out there in general stores, and a clear indication of a low quality shirt is in its stiffness and it will also be rough to the touch.
The checkered shirt serves as an essential fashion icon that can be easily introduced to most items already located in your wardrobe. Get creative with your outfits and experiment with what suits you the best.
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Written by Kelton, our Men’s Fashion Expert.

Posted by Garden City on 08 April 2016 within Fashion
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