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Boots n Bobs

Now we're not advocating that you will need a pair of shoes to satisfy every event, but it certainly helps to broaden your footwear wardrobe so that if the occasion beckons, you're ready to step out in style. Boots, oxfords, bluchers, saddles; footwear jargon to describe the abundance of styles available. Don't let the terms confuse you though. You can simplify it down to two choices to keep on hand:
Oxfords are used to describe a men's lace-up shoe designed to sit just below the ankle. Oxfords can then be split into other categories such as bluchers depending on the type of lace up etc. Can be known as a semi-formal boot.

Boots are historically recognised for labour purposes, but can be described in modern times as an above ankle higher formal shoe that can be either laced or slipped on
So why should you invest in a pair of civilized boots?

The materials used (leathers, glues etc) are extremely durable. Designed to remain intact over longer periods of time while maintaining their recognised shape and feel. You want to recognise the best in quality though but guaranteeing with stores if the leather is synthetic or real; synthetic leathers absorb more water which can contribute to a faster deterioration.

Boots can add a fantastic grungy, rustic feel to most ensembles.  Black boots can be paired great with darker leg ware and jackets and tanned boots can be quite versatile with an array of outfits but definitely suit the lighter colour spectrum.

This is all dependant on you. When trying on a pair of boots ensure the fitting is absolutely spot on because it can mean the difference between cramped up toes and blisters to a heaven sent bubble around your foot. Retail experts in stores can provide you with the most sound advice when it comes to fitting because every persons foot, like their fingerprint, is unique, and you need the right pair to fit you.

Boots are certainly trending in men's casual attire with grunge definitely make an appearance in 2016 but because of the array of styles, you won't find it difficult to find that pair unique for you. Create a point of difference to your whole style and be the trend setter.

They are easily taken care of. Just like everything, a bit of TLC can go a long way in making things last. Same applies to a fine pair of boots. A dash of water proofing spray and slight polish every now and then will ensure a pair can see you out a few years.

Style yourself up more with a quality set of leathers to last you through the years. For more on boots, come see the guys at Airflex . They are extremely up to date with the latest in men's footwear trends and can size you up with the perfect pair. 

Written by Kelton, our Men’s Fashion Expert.

Posted by Garden City on 04 April 2016 within Fashion
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