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Black vs. White

If you haven't been watching or reading the news than here is a quick update; a 1500-year-old mummy has been discovered wearing what resembles Adidas sneakers:
So it’s safe to say that time travel is real or the ancient world knew the meaning of style. Either way, those sneakers are definitely white, or black or who knows. So what’s your favourite? A black or white sneaker?
White Sneaker
If you buy only one pair of sneakers this year, make them white. They're classic and versatile, and they look just as cool when they're old and dirty as when they first came out of the box. Combine with a light pair of skinny cut jeans or tapered jogger pants.
White kicks can sometimes have that 80’s/90’s feel about them, which can be a slight setback depending on the rest of the ensemble. This does, however, go to show how such a styled sneaker has lasted through the trending ages.
The main issue is obviously cleanliness. Yes, a used grunge look can certainly be advantageous, but remain from stepping into the urban outdoorsman criteria.
Black Sneaker
In the past, the black sneaker has always been a symbol of rebellion inherited by skater boys and introverted emo kids. But oh how the times have changed. A simple jet black high cut converse chuck can be such a fashion adaptable piece essential to every mans wardrobe.
They mix easily with denim and chinos of pretty much any colour and shade. This doesn't mean the black sneaker should serve as a replacement for what a dress shoe would be required for, that includes you desk jockeys.  A black denim is a must pairing with a black sneaker; they just go together like Nutella and bread.
So what would you choose? Black or White. Why not have both? Visit Footlocker for the latest black and white sneaker releases. 

Written by Kelton, our Men’s Fashion Expert.
Posted by Garden City on 21 April 2016 within Fashion
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