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Generally the life span of a school shoe is 6 -12 months. However, how much your child uses them, or how much they have grown, can alter that number. Using school shoes for sport and running in the playground tends to wear shoes quicker due to the surfaces being rough and wearing down the sole of the shoe quicker.

Have a look at your child’s shoes. See if there are any worn patches on the sole. Are there any holes? Is your child getting any friction or blisters? These are common signs of their shoe being too worn and ready for replacement.

What to look for in a school shoe

When it’s time to start shopping for school shoes, keep in mind the following features to help you make the right shoe choice.

1) The shoe weight: Look for a shoe that is lightweight. A heavy shoe can get tiring to wear and can hurt your child’s ankles after a full day.

2) The heel counter: Look for a shoe with a firm heel counter. Make sure this doesn’t give in when you push it in. A firm heel counter increases the stability of your child’s foot and can reduce the risk of sprained ankles.

3) The Flexibility: Look for flexibility in the forefoot of the shoe (the ball of the foot). This will allow your child’s toes to bend which allows them to skip, jump and run.

4) The Insole: A removable insole is important if your child wears orthotics. Make sure you bring the orthotics into store so the staff can use them during the fitting process.

 5) The Fit: School shoes that are too big wear out more quickly. Many parents buy school shoes with the hope their children will grow into them. Shoes that are too big will drag, causing the soles to wear out more quickly. They will also be more easily scuffed as your child won’t be able to pick their feet up properly.

The Fit Technicians at The Athlete’s Foot know what to look for when it comes to fitting your child’s foot and can ensure that they get the right fitting shoe shoe that will last. e

Ascent school shoes are designed with sport shoe technology providing the essential comfort, support and durability for the growing feet of children. 

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Posted by Garden City on 10 January 2017 within Fashion
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