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Autumn Sunday Drinks Attire

After having a fantastic weekend, we can sometimes find ourselves in a state of post weekend blues before Sunday is even actually over. Don’t let Monday hit you before you’re even there. Shower, dress up and hit up some of the fantastic venues Perth has to offer on a Sunday night. 
The Sunday sesh has always been a great past time of Perth, with some bars and restaurants making it their prime night of the week. Some of the local scenes require a reasonable dress code before one can start indulging in the succulent delicacies on the menu, so first things first, you need to look the part.
Collared Shirts
Light and dark, take your pick. Light coloured collars resonate a much more relaxed vibe. Darker shirts would be recommended for the more formal or heavier Sunday evenings where a casual drink is the understatement. You’ll want to be rolling up those sleeves, again, to relate with the chilled scene. This seasons collars are coming out with patterned interiors on the sleeves; perfect when rolled up so as to not look messy. 
Chino’s vs Dress Pants
Definitely stick with the chinos. Darker navies, lighter greys and even matte blacks can be paired effortlessly with most dark and light collared shirts. Roll up the ends of the chino’s to add that extra bit of flair. Dress pants, although great for most events, don’t suit well with the relaxed venues. Don't be nervous to rock the chinos with an untucked collar.
Belt & Shoes
Tan is here to stay. A good pair of tanned, classy lace ups with a tanned leather belt will make the whole ensemble flawless. Be sure to grab yourself some comfortable anklet socks for the shoes so when the chino’s are rolled up, they are not visible.
Finally, bring your A-Game. Styles like this are to be pitched with confidence. Chin up, shoulders staunch and match the outfit you’re in and don’t forget to have a bit of fun; it is still the weekend afterall. Head into yd Menswear for all your Autumn Sunday attire needs.
Written by Kelton, our Men’s Fashion Expert.

Posted by Garden City on 14 April 2016 within Fashion
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