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We can sometimes be put off jewellery because of the feminine stigma we have falsely contrived on our minds yet we have no problem flaunting some gold on our finger once we’re married. Well abolish the idea and wield your glamour armour, because jewellery is as important as a nice watch to show off your first-class side.  

We know the stereotypical gents plain ring, but gone are the days where the simple name of a metal will suffice for flamboyancy. Think bigger. Think rocks. Of course diamonds will always be the favourite pick when it comes to the attention-grabbing glimmer but you can mix it up as well. Throw some colour into the mix with opals, rubies and other gems. A silver or platinum ring works as a perfect colour-offset for the vibrant gems that you could display. If you are to go diamonds, then more is more. Aim for multiple low carrot instead of a single large one as the bigger surface area gives that pleasant symmetrical finish.

This isn’t high school, so a big no to plastics, rubbers and anything that closely resembles a string collection at the end of a Contiki tour. Metals with a clip and a smooth prominent face that neatly sits on top of the rest are the gentleman’s game. Bracelets can incorporate rocks and gems, but ensure it’s not overboard as the size of the metal jewellery itself can drown the attention of the rock and therefore won’t get the real value out of it.

Simple, simple, simple. Unlike bracelets and rings, necklaces are the first point of view for any person seeing you. Over the top and dramatic pieces are hard to style correctly with outfits and usually require their own character design to match. To put it simply, stick to a silver, platinum or gold and put more emphasis on the design of the links themselves. You’ll notice next time your in store that the style of the link changes between each necklace, so pick something you like.

As an endnote, just keep in mind that you want to pick to your liking as well. Jewellery can say a lot about a person and you want to choose pieces that are a reflection of what you like and your personality.  For all the above and a larger variety as well, head into Michael Hill. They will be able to help you pick something for yourself that will glisten to onlookers.

Written by Kelton, our Men’s Fashion Expert.

Posted by Garden City on 10 June 2016 within Fashion
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