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All About The Layers

You can feel it right. The cold autumn brisk that has swept in rather dramatically in the last couple of weeks. A sure sign of colder times to come. Now we found ourselves caught in that unfortunate middle ground of deciding whether or not we should take that jacket with us outside. “Yea nah, it should warm up a bit” you say, eventually beating yourself up at the event as the goose bumps set in. As the Game of Thrones saying goes, “Winter is coming”.
Considering the colder than usual Autumn weather we’re experiencing, it should come as a fortunate piece of fashion satisfaction that layering has become its own natural trend. For those unaware of what layering is, it’s the visible statement of applying multiple tiers of clothing to keep ones self-warmer. It is not as simple as just throwing on a plethora of items and hoping they go together.
Here are some short and sweet essential tips to keep in mind when layering this winter.
Use different materials. You definitely don’t want to keep adding the same fabrics and textures to an outfit. For example, mix it up with a waterproof nylon jacket, soft woollen knit and monochromatic tee.
Introduce colour. Don’t be afraid to throw in a bit of colour. Over riding top layers can tone down the impact compared to wearing it on its own.

Know your body. Adding more layers can affect your body appearance. You want to be extenuating your bodies shape and shadow with the layers without looking disproportionate. Wearing four layers on top with a skinny leg jean would make the outfit seem top heavy. Avoid this if you can.
Thin to Thick. Start with thinner items and work your way out to the thicker ones. As well as providing a more natural flowing look, it makes sense to put the more durable, weather proofing items on the outside to combat the weather god’s.

Mix and match reasonably. You want to be layering items that compliment each other. The outcome at the end of the day is to keep yourself warm and look great doing so. Take a look in the mirror, trust your senses, and if the style just isn’t working then change it up.
The temperature is going to keep dropping, the clothes will keep piling on and the ladies at Tarocash in Garden City have all the know how for your layering needs this winter. Go pay them a visit.

Written by Kelton, our Men’s Fashion expert.

Posted by Garden City on 12 May 2016 within Fashion
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