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AW16 Trends – Men’s Fashion

Dapper, rugged and the London look. Men’s fashion is back on the radar this AW16 season. As the warmth increases for our trans-pacific neighbours in the west, styles taken from fashion hubs, such as New York, have served as the unconscious inspiration for our AW16 selections.

Rugged Meets Mountaineer
Jacket -               Academy Brand Gillet ($99.94)
Sleeve -               SuperDry Shirt ($99.95)
Undershirt -       Levis T-Shirt ($29.95)
Pants -                Tommy Hilfiger Chinos ($140.00)
Sunglasses -       Ray Bans ($149.99)

All available at David Jones.
The wood cutting timber masons inspire this rugged masculine style of old. The flano patterned SuperDry shirt acts as a standalone eye drawer while the darkened jacket perfectly compliments the lightened chinos. Do not fret with colour combinations as this style accentuates comfort and quality over any specific style guides. Rolling up the sleeves on the shirt and ends of the chinos will give it that added formalised touch. Beard optional.

The London Look
Jacket -              Daniel Hechter Trench Coat ($249.00)
Knitwear         David Jones Knit ($129.00)
Pants -               Diesel Jeans ($219.00)
Sunglasses -       Ray Bans ($149.99)
Hat -                   Brixton Cap Black ($49.95)
Sticking to a neutral palette, this modernistic approach to the London look mixes formal with casual. Trench coats are generally seen as a reserved accessory for wet weather, but this lightweight, breathable jacket can act as a standalone centrepiece to the whole ensemble. Look for simple knitwear that doesn’t retract attention from the darker jeans and jacket. Dark accessories such as sunglasses and a flat cap will fill the style void for that ultimate London street vibe.

Dapper and Dandy
Jacket -                 Studio W Blazer ($179.95)
Shirt -                    Geoffery Beene Shirt ($89.95)
Pants -                  Nudie Jeans ($239.00)
Bow Tie -             David Jones Bow Tie ($34.95)
Footwear -          Nike Roshe One White ($129.99)
By definition, dapper is neat and trim in dress and appearance. Half of what you want to achieve. Mixing the dapper with dandy will neatly combine the gentleman with the scruff. Messing up your hair with a matte finish wax, going for a lighter pair of jeans with a skinny fit and finishing off with a plush white sneaker will give that posh look a neat casual flare. Bow ties don’t just need to be for formal events; invest in a patterned, colourful one take make the whole outfit on point.
This is just the beginning of what’s set to be a fashion forward AW16 season. There are plenty more styles and pieces to come. Make sure you keep up with all the latest styles and trends by following our blog and social media.
Written by Kelton, our Men’s Fashion Expert.

Posted by Garden City on 21 April 2016 within Fashion
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